Community service work

Community service work refers to service to people for the purposes of community development and wellbeing. It seeks to involve all members of the society regardless of their skin colour, culture, or even historical background in community projects (Community Policing – Assignment Example, 2019 bullying essays). Calculated steps should be undertaken to guide service delivery, to enable access to equity and fairness to all people and ensure that, the rights of all community groups are upheld. To this end, community service work is noble and it must uphold its true nature. The nature of the community service work guides that, community service workers must be impartial in their dealings in order to realize the overall good of the community.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people are indigenous people of Australia. With the arrival of colonialists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people suffered grave cultural, economic and political injustices. This has been manifested by their inability to access their basic rights, inequity and cultural disparity (Siasoco, 2007). For instance, colonialists separated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people’s children from their parents and placed them under the guidance of minority settlers in Australia. These were geared toward eliminating these indigenous people’s language, names and also control their population in order to make them extinct.

In international criminal law guiding the contemporary society, such activities calculated to eliminate or control the population of a certain group of people in the community is defined as a crime of genocide (Siasoco, 2007). Genocide constitutes conspiring, perpetrating, aiding and abetting such activities. Anybody who commits such crimes is prosecutable in the international criminal court. In this regard, as a community service worker, I will facilitate investigation and prosecution of those bearing the greatest responsibility at the International Criminal Court (ICC) by providing information to the best of my knowledge.

In order to ensure equity in access to job opportunities to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, I will ensure development of employment policy that guides that, a certain percentage of job opportunities at all levels of management must be given to the indigenous communities. This will ensure that, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people are empowered economically.

Community service work is further guided by cultural preservation of the indigenous communities in order to encourage culture-rich societies (Siasoco, 2007). As a community service worker, I will invest my energy into development of community policy framework geared towards cultural preservation of indigenous communities such as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. This will work towards general community development socially and economically through enhancement environment for interaction and tourists’ attraction.

As a community service worker, I will work to ensure that, marginalized areas are equipped with education and health facilities. Education and health facilities are central at empowering marginalized communities such as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. Indigenous communities were marginalized through inaccessibility facilities that offer services of prime importance to such communities such as health and education services. In this regard, availing access to such services will promote basic rights.

In addition, I will push for establishment of community service organizations that advocate for political participation of indigenous people. Political participation is central to upholding people’s rights and in equitable allocation of public resources.