Guru : Sishya – the Relationship Beyond Classrooms Essay

Introduction This article is an result of the study conducted by the I MBA pupils of our institute ( RLIMS. Madurai ) on the student-teacher relationship. The group name of these budding directors is “Aspire” . The minute we talk about the guru-sishya relationship the flash that comes foremost is the historical guru Dronacharya and his adherents ; Swami Vivekananda and his guru Ramakrishnar ; and the list continues… The guru-sishya relationship is a societal binding on both the pupils and the instructor.

Either one or the other fails to execute their responsibility with due diligence the loss is non merely for them but besides to the society. If a pupil fails to execute his responsibilities the ultimate also-ran is himself and his family… but a instructor fails to execute his responsibility the loss for the large mass of the society. Objective of the Study * To analyze the present position of guru-sishya relationship. * To propose ways and means to better the relationship better. Restrictions of the Study * The survey was restricted merely to Management Teachers and Management Students.

Summary of Findings – Students’ Viewpoint * Majority of the pupils suggested that the module should portion his positions on the current personal businesss and general cognition facets to the pupils. * Students besides suggested that their modules should actuate and promote them. which would assist them to better their heart. * Few pupils are much concerned about the course of study coverage. And few others felt that it should be partially on a self-study footing. * Doubt elucidation – yet another key driver inside the schoolroom. A portion of the pupils are non clear uping their uncertainties instantly – ground is “Shyness” .

The other portion of pupil feels the uncertainties to be clarified so and at that place itself. * Students feel that a feedback should be got at the every session to happen out their understanding degree. But still few pupils feel that feedback is non required alternatively we could pass the same clip for some other productive thing by larning more from the module. Summary of Findings – Teachers’ Viewpoint * Students’ schoolroom behavior should be more full-blown than of what they have now. * Student should be synergistic during the category to do the Sessionss livelier.

* Student should be prepared for every session – they should make their place work for healthy idea arousing treatments. * Student should be updated with the current personal businesss and general cognition – as the handiness of library and cyberspace is good they should utilize it fruitfully. * Student should avoid cunctations and should larn promptness. committedness with witting focussed attempts. Relationship beyond classrooms… * As person justly stated “Parents are first instructors and instructors are 2nd parents” . * Every module should be a wise man to their wards.

* Basically module should swear the pupil and the pupil should swear the module – if this is done there becomes a good mentor-mentee relationship. * The pupil module relationship could besides assist in calling edifice. * The pupil module relationship could besides assist in edifice better states. Conclusion The student-teacher relationship is non merely like… any other accidental or incidental relationship instead it should be like a flower of a flower. If these two have a better relation so we have a better citizens and better state tomorrow.

About the Co-Authors Ms. Deepika. Ms. Susma. Ms. Shalini. Mr. Jeyaraj and Mr. Premkumar. [ I MBA ( Batch 2007-09 ) . RLIMS. Madurai ] – The co-authors of this article are the existent anchor of this brief write-up. These pupils have a great hereafter as they “aspire” to be a better citizen instead than a better director. Decidedly those who want to be a better citizen or better human being will hold focus to function the world with all their earnestness and committedness. The companies which recruit these pupils should be lucky plenty to hold them in their squad.

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