The Retail Industry And The Airline Industry Marketing Essay

I have chosen two types of industries i.e. the RETAIL INDUSTRY and the AIRLINE INDUSTRY. The intent of taking these industries is the direct connexion and linked with our day-to-day life, and these are the most common and the most of import agencies to pass on.

Superdrug is the United Kingdom ‘s second-largest wellness and beauty retail merchant presently runing over 900 shops and employs 16,000 co-workers in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and they have the opened shops in the Republic of Ireland. Superdrug presently has 226 in-store pharmaceuticss.

Superdrug is the portion of A.S. Watson Limited, a entirely owned subordinate of Hong Kong based pudding stone Hutchison Whampoa Limited. ASW operates over 7,800 retail shops running from wellness & A ; beauty ironss, luxury perfumeries & A ; cosmetics to nutrient, electronics, all right vino and airdrome responsibility free.

Super Drug was incorporated in 1964 as ‘Leading Supermarkets Limited ‘ and adopted its present name subsequently that twelvemonth. In 1983 Superdrug, was floated on the USM stock market in February and received a dramatic welcome. In 1985, ‘The Goldsteins Trading Formula ‘ continued to show its success. The company besides established an in house Design Studio and Quality Assurance Department. In 1988, 110 Tip Top mercantile establishments were acquired in North of England and Scotland. In 1989, a concatenation of Medicated apothecary’s shops were incorporated into the Superdrug portfolio. In 1992, Superdrug launched its No Animal Testing Charter. In 1997, 1,400 ain trade name merchandises were launched during the twelvemonth. In 2002, promotional enterprise were launched, and by the terminal of the twelvemonth Superdrug ‘s parent company, Kruidvat Holdings sold its retail involvements to A.S. Watson, an International retail merchant and maker, who is portion of transnational pudding stone, Hutchison Whampoa. In 2007, 220 Savers shops converted to Superdrug shops and in 2008, Jeremy Seigal appointed CEO of A.S. Watson Health & A ; Beauty, UK.


The company vision is to go the market leader among the other giants of the universe in the line of wellness and beauty in the coming old ages.


So, in order to go market leader, the company is puting 1000000s and 1000000s of lbs in advertisement, research and development, bettering quality of the merchandise, and on client satisfaction in order to acquire that point.

You can travel to http: // and buy the wellness and beauty material of your ain pick, pre order booking for the up approaching merchandises and you can besides pay online less than what you pay in their shop.

( Superdrug Plc, 2009 )


History of administration

One cat name doodly-squat Cohen started Tesco in east London when he got some excess food markets of ?4 and got the net income of ?1 on his first twenty-four hours of sale and after five twelvemonth subsequently in 1942 first trade name came in market when he bought a cargo of tea. In start initial and letters were combine to organize Tes-co in 1929 and he opened the blinking Tesco shop in Burnt Oak, North London. same manner Tesco was turning and they bought batch of their challengers like they take over supermarket rival Hillards for ?220 million and in 2008s they take over some Somerfield shops. In 1992, they launch of company slogan ‘every small aid ‘also the Tesco value scope in 1993 and Tesco club card strategy in 1995.

Business Scheme

Our nucleus UK concern is important within the group, with over 285,000 employees and over 2,200 shops. Around 70 % of group gross revenues and net incomes come from the UK concern. Growth in the UK concern comes from new infinite, extensions to bing shops and a multi-format attack. Gross saless of non-food, which forms another cardinal portion of our scheme, besides contribute to the overall UK growing image.

Shop Formats

We have four different shop formats, each tailored to our clients ‘ demands and one test format called Home plus

Express ( up to 3,000 sq foot )

Metro ( approx. 7,000-15,000 sq foot )

Superstore ( approx. 20,000-50,000 sq foot )

Extra ( approx. 60,000 sq foot and above )

Home plus ( approx. 35,000 sq foot to 50,000 sq foot )

Looking after our people

Tesco is the biggest private sector employer in the UK with over 285,000 employees. We offer a market-leading bundle of wage and benefits such as child care verifiers and two portion strategies: Save as You Earn – a nest eggs strategy with an option to purchase portions at a discounted rate – and Buy as You Earn. In add-on, our Shares in Success strategy wagess eligible staff for their difficult work and committedness with free Tesco portions and our award-winning defined benefit pension strategy, which has around 160,000 members, allows members to construct up a pension based on their net incomes and service.

( Tesco, 2000 )

Tesco trade name ranking



Brand figure

Top 10 UK retail ranking

?22938 m


Retail universe ranking

?22938 m


Top 10 by trade name value in EU including UK



Top 10 by trade name impulse



A cardinal characteristic of the new site is the home page. hypertext transfer protocol: // . Tesco offers a cradle to sculpt services including even constructing places and supplying mortgages. Among those services you can happen vesture, furniture, insurance and banking and etc

( Yedda, 2010 )

Airline Industry

Virgin Atlantic

Since it was founded twenty-four old ages ago, Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain ‘s 2nd largest air hose functioning the universe ‘s major metropoliss. Virgin Atlantic is the quintessential Virgin narrative. It has every ingredient: the little fledgling taking on the elephantine and self-satisfied constitution, the people ‘s title-holder presenting better service and lower costs for riders with a repute for quality and advanced merchandise development.

Virgin Atlantic operates one of the universe ‘s youngest fleets of aircraft. Presently the fleet comprises of 38 aircraft, 13 747-400s and six A340-300s and 19 A340-600s. The current mean age of the fleet is 6 old ages and 12 months

Virgin is a taking branded venture capital organisation and is one of the universe ‘s most recognized and respected trade names. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to turn really successful concerns in sectors runing from nomadic telephone to transit, travel, fiscal services, media, music and fittingness.

Virgin has created more than 200 branded companies worldwide, using about 50,000 people, in 29 states. Global branded grosss in 2008 exceeded ?11 billion ( approx. US $ 17 billion ) .

Virgin Atlantic is one of the subordinates of Virgin Group PLC.

Virgin Atlantic ‘s Mission is to supply Safety, security and consistent bringing of the rudimentss is the foundation of everything we do.

The success of our three-year scheme requires us to construct on these foundations by concentrating on the concern and leisure markets and driving efficiency and effectivity.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Their web site provides all the travel information on the agenda of the flights and the cost. You can easy book online and wage for it besides. And if you book in progress you can dismiss besides.

( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 )

Body mass index

body mass index is the 2nd largest air hose at London Heathrow, one of the universe ‘s busiest and best-connected international airdromes. From our Heathrow hub we operate services in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia andA Africa.

body mass index ‘s planetary range is further extended by being a member of Star Alliance, a grouping ofA 21 International air hoses offering clients a worldwide web and a smooth incorporate travel experience. Overall, Star Alliance offers more than 16,500 day-to-day flights toA 912 finishs inA 159 states.

body mass index is committed to utilizing engineering such as E-ticketing, Online Booking, Self Check-in at the airdrome and via the cyberspace, assisting to smooth and rush up the pre-flight experience. This, combined with streamlined behind-the-scenes procedures and processs, means the air hose can tout one of the best promptness records of any air hose operating in the UK.

Cardinal Facts:

plc figures ( inc bmibaby )




A 2008

Employee turnover




A ?1045.9m





A 10m

Pre-tax profit/ ( loss )




A ( ?155.6m )

Gross rider kilometer ( scheduled )




A 10997m




100 %

Aircraft type

Number in fleet









Boeing 757-200


Embraer 145


Embraer 135


( BMI, 2010 )

Etihad Air passages

Etihad expects to transport up to seven million Guests by the terminal of 2009, a singular addition on the 340,000 that traveled on us in 2004. By the terminal of 2009, Etihad will hold expanded its planetary path web to 57 finishs.

Major achievementsaˆ?

aˆ? The largest of all time commercial air power start-up aircraft order, announced in 2004, for 29 Airbus andaˆ?A Boeing aircraft.aˆ?

aˆ? More than 17 million Guests carried.aˆ?

aˆ? One of the youngest and most environmentally-friendly aircraft fleets, with an mean age of three years.aˆ?

aˆ? A record-breaking order in July 2008 for up to 205 aircraft at the Farnborough International Airshow, including aˆ?A house orders for 100 aircraft. aˆ?

aˆ? A record-breaking order in May 2009 for up to 469 engines at the Paris Air Show, including steadfast orders for aˆ?A 239A engines.aˆ?

aˆ? Sponsorship of the Ferrari Formula 1 squad, Manchester City and Chelsea Football Clubs, Harlequins Rugby aˆ?A Football Club, the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne and the Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. aˆ?A Our sponsorships.aˆ?

aˆ? More than 40 planetary awards for service and invention including Best Business Class at the 2009 Skytrax aˆ?A awards. Full list of awards. aˆ?aˆ?As we have grown during the last five old ages so has the figure of employees, with more than 8,500 staff stand foring 120 different nationalities.

In merely five old ages we ‘ve flown more than 17 million Guests to more than 50 finishs across the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.A Our fleet will make 52 aircraft by the terminal of 2009.

( Etihad Airways, 2010 )


Good Features:

Following are some of the chief elements for a good web design,


Color of the background text does non same as the text

Size of the text is adequate to read, but non excessively large

Columns of text are narrower than every bit compared in a book



Use of buttons and bars are easy to understand

Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitant with a hint as to where they are, what page of the site they are presently on

Use of Frames if non noticeable

A big site has an index or site map



Use of Graphics and backgrounds with browser-safe colourss

Animated artworks turn off by themselves


General Design

Pages download rapidly

First page and place page tantrum into 800 ten 600 pixel infinite

All of the other pages have the immediate ocular impact within 800 ten 600 pels

Good usage of in writing elements ( exposures, subheads, draw quotation marks ) to interrupt up big countries of text

Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site ; there are insistent elements that carry throughout the pages

( Tollett, J and Williams, R, 2000 )


Following are some of the elements of bad web design. Examples of many of these characteristics and more elaborate accounts of the jobs and solutions are in my book,


Color combinations of text and background that make the text difficult to read

Busy, deflecting backgrounds that make the text difficult to read



Text that is excessively little

Herding against the left border

Stretches all the manner across the page

Centered type over flush left organic structure transcript

Paragraphs of type in all caps, bold, italic or either one of them

Underlined text that is non a nexus



Default bluish links

Blue nexus boundary lines around artworks

Linkss that are non clear about where they will take you

Linkss in organic structure transcript that distract readers and take them off to remote, useless pages

Text links that are non underlined so you do n’t cognize they are links

Dead links ( links that do n’t work any longer )



Large in writing files that take everlastingly to lade

Meaningless or useless artworks

Thumbnail images that are about every bit big as the full-sized images they link to

Artworks that do n’t suit on the screen ( presuming a screen of 800 ten 600 pels )



Boundary lines turned on in tabular arraies

Tables used as design elements, particularly with excess big ( dorky ) boundary lines


Blinking and lifes

Anything that blinks, particularly text, multiple things that blink

Rainbow regulations ( lines ) , Rainbow regulations that blink or animate

“ Under building ” marks, particularly of small work forces working

Animated “ under building ” marks

Animated images for electronic mail

Animations that ne’er stop

Multiple lifes that ne’er stop



Counters on pages — who cares

Junky advertisement

Having to scroll sideways ( 800 x 600 pels )

Excessively many small images of meaningless awards on the first page

Frame coil bars in the center of a page

Multiple frame coil bars in the center of a page



Ill-defined pilotage ; over complex pilotage

Complicated frames, excessively many frames, unneeded coil bars in frames

Orphan pages ( no links back to where they came from, no designation )

Useless page rubrics that do n’t explicate what the page is about


General Design

Entry page or place page that does non suit within standard browser window ( 800 x 600 pels )

Frames that make you scroll sideways

No focal point on the page

Excessively many focal points on the page

Navigation buttons as the lone ocular involvement, particularly when they ‘re big ( and dorky )

Cluttered, non adequate alliance of elements

Lack of contrast ( in colour, text, to make hierarchy of information, etc. )

( Tollett, J and Williams, R, 2000 )

( Ratz, 2010 )

Difference b/w E-Selling and Shop Selling


Electronic commercialism ( e-commerce ) is general term for any type of concern, or commercial dealing that involves the transportation of information across the cyberspace. This covers a scope of different types of concerns from consumer-based retail sites, like, though auction and music sites like eBay or, to concern exchanges ‘ trading goods or services between corporations.

E-commerce is the usage of electronic communicating to make concern. It is non about engineering nor it is a new concern. Though it is a method for companies to make and run their concern in new and efficient ways. Most basically, e-commerce represents the realisation of digital, as opposed to paper-based, commercial minutess between concern, between a concern and its consumers, or between a authorities and its citizens or component concern.

Shop Selling

Before you can get down to sell your merchandise or service to anyone else, you have to sell yourself on it. This is particularly of import when your merchandise or service is similar to those around you. Very few concerns are one-of-a-kind. Just expression around you: How many vesture retail merchants, hardware shops, air conditioning installers and linemans are genuinely alone?

The key to effectual merchandising in this state of affairs is what advertisement and selling professionals call a “ alone merchandising proposition ” ( USP ) . Unless you can nail what makes your concern unique in a universe of homogenous rivals, you can non aim your gross revenues attempts successfully.

For illustration, Charles Revson, laminitis of Revlon, ever used to state he sold hope, non make-up. Some air hoses sell friendly service, while others sell on-time service. Neiman Marcus sells luxury, while Wal-Mart sells deals.

( Entrepreneur, 2010 )

Internet as a Distribution Medium:

Yes! I believe that there are a few things that Internet can be more effectual in selling a few types of merchandises but it may be less effectual in selling a few types of merchandises.

We can take for illustration Fire Arms, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Heavy machinery and etc can non be sold online. The other merchandise is Perfume this is besides one merchandise that clients buy in shops. Peoples besides prefer to purchase apparels and places in shops because they prefer to look into the size and stuff of what they are purchasing. So these are a few things which are better sold physically.

Electronic points can be sold on-line e.g. Mobile phones and connexions, air hose tickets, event tickets, Computer hardware and package ‘s are besides better sold online, Cadmium ‘s, Books, Holidays, Music can be sold online.

So these are a few things which can/ca n’t be sold online.


E-tailers are the type of retail merchants who chiefly sell online or utilize cyberspace to sell the goods and services they provide.

E-tailers can construct more assurance in clients by staying the Torahs, regulations and statute laws set up by organisations such as Federal Trade Commission and Electronic Retailing Association who make certain that the e-tailers remain ethical in their patterns. This will construct assurance in the clients and they will prefer to purchase online.

Use of Internet To Increase Customer Service

Many e-commerce aˆ?websites, even the big well-known shop, are ill-famed for impersonal, second-rate aˆ?customer service patterns. And yet, the few Internet retail merchants that aˆ?differentiate themselves on service become well-known instance surveies in client aˆ?care. Following are some of the best patterns I ‘ve seen over the aˆ?years that serve to distinguish companies on client service.

Upgrade Your CRM Tools

Hand-written thank you on Packing Slip

Assign Personal Customer Service Reps

Call Customers Who Abandon Orders

Extensive FAQ Knowledge Base

Live Chat

Improve After Hour Call Center

Free Upgraded Transportation

Same Day Shipping

Outstanding Customer Testimonies

Detailed Product Pages

Automatic Price Protection

Indulgent Tax return Policy

Thank You Emails

Make More than Fix Your Mistakes

Fix Other ‘s Mistakes

Guaranteed Email Response Time.

Secret Shopping

Customer Centric Slogan

Free Return Transportation

Personalize Everything

Increase Number of Service Reps

( Ezin Articles, 2010 )

Impact of Internet on Organization

The rapid growing of end-user computer science, low-priced communications, and web package now exert a powerful influence on how concerns organize and communicate. The tendency toward thin organizations-empowered, multi-function work teams-and their demand to pass on information rapidly “ any clip, any topographic point ” embodies the outgrowth of geographically dispersed electronic groups. This new form of organisational construction and the parallel developments of group information engineerings converge into a new working environment called the networked society.

( Technology Resource, 2010 )


From my research I conclude that Internet has now in this competitory and busy universe become the most of import medium of purchasing and merchandising.

The Retail Industry should now concentrate on Internet as their chief beginning of concern and now the tendency shows that they already are. Superdrug Plc and Tesco are now concentrating on Internet and their web sites have improved a batch. If you visit their web sites you can easy look into the item and offer of the merchandises they are offering. They should now concentrate on more price reductions for the clients who buy online so that they attract more and more clients online.

The Airline Industry is besides making a good occupation selling online. You can see their web sites and look into the airfare, finishs and the day of the months available for the flight. You even acquire a price reduction if you book you seats early so it is really helpful if you are be aftering a holiday in the close hereafter. I suggest that they besides offer more price reductions on-line and offer other benefits besides so that the clients are forced to purchase online.

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