Brave New World as a Dystopia Essay

A Utopian society is a society in which everything is perfectly perfect ; a society in which everyone is happy with their life. The society in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is set up by the World Controllers to be such. However. the society itself is merely the antonym of a Utopian society: a dystopian society. Even though everything appears to be perfect for everyone. the concealed truth reveals a different world. The society in Brave New World is a dystopian society as exhibited by the deficiency of world. freedom. and individuality.

A primary illustration of how the society in Brave New World is a dystopian society is the deficiency of world in the novel. This is exemplified by the usage of haoma. a drug that takes the user to a different universe. Mustapha Mond. one of the 10 World Controllers of the society describes haoma as “”Euphoric. narcotic. cheerily hallucinant… All the advantages of Christianity and intoxicant ; none of their defects… Stability was practically assured” ( Huxley 53-54 ) . The users of this drug are put in a province where they are off from world ; they are wholly incognizant what is traveling on around them.

This is important because the users do non see the dysfunction and sadness of the society. significance that when something goes incorrect they can conceal from it alternatively of repairing it. In add-on. the islands further turn out the deficiency of world. When person does non hold with the manner that the society is being run by the Controllers. they are cast off to an island. isolated from the society so they can non do an rebellion or rebellion ( 227-228 ) . This is of import because it hides the world of dissatisfaction for society. It creates an ambiance that is filled with felicity for the society. with no glance of the sadness that is evident.

Even though this deficiency of world portrays a dystopian society. there are other ways that it is portrayed as good. The dystopian society of Brave New World is farther proven by the deficiency of freedom. In this society. people are bred in a mill to be whatever the society needs them to be ( Huxley 13 ) . This is important in that everyone has a fate that they can non get away: a intent that they did non take to be their ain. Without this freedom. cipher can genuinely be free and happy. Because of this. nevertheless. the society has another method to guarantee “happiness.

” This method involves a procedure known as conditioning. The people of the World State are status to wish what they were predestined to make. and to dislike other occupations and intents that they may hold wanted to prosecute without the conditioning. Mr. Foster describes that “all conditioning purposes at that ; doing people like their un-escapable societal destiny” ( 16 ) . This is important in that it portrays that the conditioning can non be escaped ; the conditioned are forced to bask what they have been conditioned to bask with no freedom of pick as to whether or non they want to. making a false felicity.

Though this alone portrays a clear dystopian society. there is yet another manner the dystopian society is portrayed. In add-on to both deficiency of world and freedom. the dystopian society is besides portrayed through the deficiency of individuality. For illustration. in order to dwell the universe. the Hatchery uses a procedure known as Bokanovsky’s Process. This procedure takes one embryo and splits it to excess of 96 new embryos ( Huxley 6 ) . This causes each embryo to hold the same cistrons. doing them 96 indistinguishable transcripts of one another. This is important because it is impossible for a individual to be an single when there are 96 exact reproduction of him or her.

Besides. from the minute of their “birth. ” each and every citizen is casted into a societal category: Alpha. Beta. Gamma. Delta. or Epilsons ( Huxley 6 ) . These castes determine the person’s function in society. with Alpha being the equivalent of a baronial of the society and Epilsons being the provincials. These functions are assigned during Bokanovsky’s Process by such Acts of the Apostless as striping the developing embryo of the proper O ( 6-7 ) . Because of this. everyone is thought of as a member of a caste. non an person. An Epilson will ever be an Epilson. with no opportunity of being a standout person in society.

This deficiency of promotion destroys the sense of personal accomplishment and self-earned individuality. Overall. the society in Brave New World is clearly a dystopia. The citizens are clouded by the society into believing that they are happy. The deficiency of world portrays a bogus felicity that is environing the citizens. Besides. the deficiency of both freedom and individualism take away what makes a individual alone and destroy any opportunity at true felicity. The society believes they are genuinely happy merely because it is what they are conditioned to believe. This false felicity makes the society what it genuinely is: a perfect imperfectness.

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