A Review On Information System Management Information Technology Essay

In this thrilling topic, I would be concentrating on the Management Information System of Starbucks. It is no uncertainty that this house in inquiry, is one popular and good patronized house amongst many. That being said, I would be making justness to the really background of this organisation in inquiry and I would clarify in touchable inside informations their IT systems, strategies and patterns and in conclusion, I would be urging what one see fit to suite the administration even in this epoch of engineering. But before one proceed, i would wish to briefly define MIS ( Management Information System )

MIS ( Management Information System )

This may be defined as a general word for computing machine systems in an endeavor or administration which provides information or inside informations on house ‘s concern operations. It ‘s besides refers to the people who manage and maintain these systems. Furthermore, in a big corporation, “ MIS ” or the “ MIS section ” refers to a cardinal or centrally-coordinated system of personal computer expertness and direction, and full web of computing machine resources in a concern organisation ( house ) .


Background survey of the organisation

Starbucks was foremost introduced in Seattle ‘s Pike Place Market in 1971. Back so, the company was called Starbucks Coffee, Tea ans Spices before alteration into what we have known today, Starbucks Coffee Company. Today, there are about 16, 706 Starbucks shops in 50 states.

The first of all time Srabucks shop in Malaysia opened on December 1998, located at KL Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, there are more than 115 Starbacks shops in Malaysia.Basically, their purchasers will go to Africa, Asia and Latin America to take merely the best quality of arabica beans. These high quality beans will be sent for roasting and production. Starbucks experts so merely unite the roasted beans with Italian manner expresso drinks to bring forth different type of cold and hot java drinks. The celebrated merchandises introduced by Starbucks company and chiefly can be found in all of it ‘s shops include more than 30 blends single-origin Prime Minister arabica javas.

As for their ain signature of handcrafted drinks such as hot and iced expresso drink, java and non-coffee blended drinks Vivanno smoothies, Frappuccino bottled java or blended and premium ice picks with the and brewed java and besides tea merchandise, Tazo Tea. Merchandises are besides offered by Starbucks are coffee mugs and accoutrements. Customers non merely can bask sipping their high quality java drink but besides indulging on adust pastries, sandwiches and bars. The company focuses in supplying a relax, comfy atmosphere with modern adjustments. It is an ideal topographic point for hanging out with friends and households, with amusement magazines to read. Most of the Starbucks company offer free wi-fi for their clients, so it is a great advantage to concern people discoursing on their work or pupils making some research for assignments/ undertakings.


The Point of Sale System ( POS ) or forepart of house boulder clay system ; in add-on to regular registry maps offers some maps to be accessed merely by Store Manager ( SM ) , Assistant Manager ( ASM ) and Shift Supervisor ( SS ) , with the right security level.The Point of sale consists in two touch screen boulder claies used by deployed spouses that need to infix their username and specific watchword before to get down.

From the Point of sale, directors can entree different director ‘s maps menu, such as paid in and Paid Out, and Refund to clients.

These director maps are security steps for hard currency direction and stock list control in the shop.

Paid in and paid out occurs when money is taken from the boulder clay to purchase points necessary for the shop operations and/or any sort of exigency.

Other maps such as Cash Skim, Void minutess or refunds occur when money is given back due to ailments or clients are returning defective ware.

The point of sale is used besides to enter wastage.

In decision, most Point of sale maps are related to client service, gross revenues, refunds, price reductions, voids.By pealing points through the boulder claies, informations such as clip, client dealing, measure of nutrient and drinks sold, measure of otiose points, are transferred to the Management Work Station where informations are stored, analysed and produced in signifier of studies, in writing, charts or diagrams.

MWS ( Manager Work System )

The Manager Work Station can be accessed in the office where there is a computing machine connected to the intranet, a private communicating channel for employees to entree the organisation web that resembles the cyberspace.

To entree the system it is required to subscribe in with a watchword and the spouses ID.

The system recognises security degree and allows accessing the map assigned to the security degree.

The normal spouses can merely entree the clip pluging option, which is that map that record staff clouts in and out for interruptions and displacement.

A start of twenty-four hours and terminal of twenty-four hours is run into the system on a day-to-day base.

Shift directors can entree hard currency direction maps that are used to number boulder claies, modify or right minutess and to fix day-to-day bank sedimentation.

A bill of fare of available studies is available on a study bill of fare.

The Store director can entree these studies to track gross revenues, find out client minutess within different hours range, to look into sale by merchandise class, to enter wastage, to transport a fiscal audit.

All this information is relevant for Shop Directors to place concern demands and client demands, to place peak clip in the shop, to increase or amend merchandise ordination, to command wastage and path stock and make up one’s mind whether is necessary to cut labor.

Directors can entree staff information and personal inside informations in the work station, they can infix new spouses, terminate spouses, maintain employee records, track employee ‘s preparation and procedure paysheet.

The paysheet procedure transportations information to the support Centre in order to pay spouses.

Shop Manager and the displacement supervisors can utilize the IRIS System to treat electronic telling for nutrient, letter paper, packaging.

The IRIS System can besides utilize electronic mail set up for pass oning with London Support Centre and other shops within the territory and others.


Hardware constituents of the computing machine system used in Starbucks

There are two types of modem: The velocity touch overseas telegram modem and the ISDN ( integrated services digital web ) modem.

The velocity touch overseas telegram modem and the ISDN connect the shop computing machine system to the STARBUCKS retail web.

The Retail Network is the communicating entree between the shop and the cyberspace.

This allows the direction work station to direct and have big measures of informations and information.

There is a wireless cyberspace provided by T-mobile, which allows clients to link to the radio web.

There are two pieces of equipment ; the Cisco Router and the Cisco Wireless entree point.

Connected to the computing machine system there is a Printer used to publish studies of any nature, and a hard currency graduated table which counts Cash in a faster manner and more accurately, chiefly it is used to number the boulder claies and at the terminal of this procedure all informations are send to the system.

At the Point of sale there are two little pressmans where all grosss come out, and two ( bit and pin ) recognition and debit card machines.

To protect retail merchants, a new security system has been designed for cards which will utilize a smart bit.

When clients pay utilizing one of these cards, instead so subscribing a confidential security figure ( PIN ) is entered.

Further more, the starbucks house, uses Intel based systems and fast Computers. In footings of functionality, the starbucks house is bent on acquiring hardwares ( Personal computer ) that have great and outstanding specifications to avoid decelerate down on concern.

A sample spec would be:

A Personal computer with 512 Memory or 1GB. And A level screen proctor and processor velocity of 2.40GHZ and a HDD of 150GB to 200GB. The company has a North Atlantic Council for greater highs that why its no surprise that starbucks is making greatly good in footings of their ability to keep their criterions.


OS ( Operating System ) :

As we all know, the I.T age is jumping Forth with tonss of sotwares and engineering all with the focal point of bettering the lifes of worlds in all branching of life. Having said that, the Starbucks company makes usage of Windows based packages for their computing machines which is categorized in the hardware subdivision. They run applications that aid their concern. Example POS, Excel and others. Excel is frequently used for their spreadsheet demands. When it comes to system package for driving their hardwares, they run Windowss xp or 7.


Installing a Point of sale system package into your concern can hold every bit dramatic an consequence on your retail, saloon, concierge, or any other cordial reception based concern. The rightA POS system softwareA will enable you to hold a more precise degree of control over your concern operations therefore increasing efficiency, hiking net incomes, and assisting you fine-tune your concern theoretical account. Integrating the incorrect system, nevertheless, can be a waste of clip, pecuniary investings and a beginning of ongoing defeat.

Switch overing from a traditional hard currency registry or as we like to state “ over sized reckoner ” to a streamline computerized POS package can be a spot of a concern if you do non research your options before purchasing a new system. There are many factors to see and assorted booby traps to avoid. However you will decidedly be impressed with the “ R.O.I ” – return on investing and benefits your concern can non make without. Therefore implementing a POS system can do it worth your clip and attempt.

In the most basic sense, a POS system is a hard currency registry with all the bells and whistlings of the new fast paced, cyberspace streaming technological velocity.

Current subjects and patterns

This Starbucks new thought of POS is presently available for all 6,800 Starbucks shops and Target locations across the US.A The solution is non yet in topographic point in Canada.

For the naive, the solution works as follows.A Consumers download theA Starbucks Card Mobile AppA to their nomadic phone ; be itiPhoneA orA BlackBerry. Customers with a Starbucks stored value card ( efficaciously a gift card ) that is registered on the Starbucks web site, enter the card figure into their phone when the obtain the app, and that card figure is stored.A When consumers visit a shop, they place their java order as usual, and indicate their desire to tender with their mobile.A Consumers start the Starbucks Card Mobile App on their Mobile and navigate to the payment screen so that a 2d barcode stand foring the consumers ‘ Starbucks card is displayed.A The Starbucks associate, selects nomadic as the stamp in the POS, and prompts the consumer to utilize the client facing imager ( the same as those used in airdromes to read get oning base on ballss ) .A The consumer topographic points their nomadic device under the imager, the 2d barcode is read, and the POS treats the stamp like a gift card, following the usual payment confirmation procedure.A Once stamp is complete, the client obtains their java as usual.

The treatment on electronic billfold is an industry front-runner, and this development will surely promote more treatment on the topic and supply some much need experience.A I ‘m to the full behind this enterprise, but at present, this solution is really much a Starbucks specific solution, and it is non easy translatable to other retailers.A While retail merchants can larn a great trade from the obvious careful idea that has gone into the solution, and we can look frontward to others traveling down this route as well.A To clear up for consumers ( and non-technical retail executives ) who ask why other retail merchants do n’t hold nomadic payment strategies as yet, see the undermentioned alone features of the Starbucks state of affairs that make a solution like this wage off.

Use of Stored Value CardA – Very few retail merchants have a stored value card with the monolithic followers and on-going use that Starbucks have.A Efficaciously consumers are giving Starbucks their financess in progress in exchange for some really little benefits ( free drink on your birthday, free pump of seasoning in your drink ) .A Starbucks gets trueness informations on clients, and a nice balance of hard currency on hand.A More relevant to the nomadic payment solution, the Starbucks Mobile phone application allows consumers to do a payment onto their stored value card, and the application ‘s 2d barcode payment system is connected to that card.A Connecting the nomadic payment system to the stored value card means that Starbucks can take the hazard of a payment system internally.A Stored value are non capable to the same barriers, statute law, and examination that constructing a nomadic payment system that would entree a recognition card or a debit card would have.A Using the stored value card simplifies execution and sidesteps many complexnesss of payment systems like EMV and PCI.

Cross PlatformA – While Starbucks are really acute on the iPhone, they have non limited themselves to an iPhone app, but besides provided an app for the other cardinal smart phone users via the Blackberry App.A Sing the corporate nucleus of Blackberry users and how frequently meetings now take topographic point in Starbucks shops, this is a wise move to maximise possible users.A Given the figure of Android Users and the recent release and turning usage of Windows 7 Phone platforms, it would non be surprising to see the Starbucks Card App ported to those platforms every bit good, guaranting maximal possible use.

Valuable AppA – With over 400,000 apps on iTunes, retail merchants need to do their app unique and useful.A Ideally it pulls together the Mobile and in shop experience in some way.A Starbucks has managed both.A Any successful retail merchant ‘s nomadic app demands something unique to it to promote download, and holding it on a consumers screen on a lasting footing.

Customer Demographic -A Based on my experience, and what I have read in the media over the past few old ages, the mean Starbucks consumer is more likely than mean to be a tech-savvyA iPhone or Blackberry user, and beyond that, the sort of user who would be comfy with engineering and puting a payment with their mobile.A It is of import that any solution put in forepart of a consumer by a retail merchant fit their mark market.A A understanding comfy client is more likely to utilize the app, and utilize it good, to rush minutess and drive convenience for them, and velocity throughput for the retail merchant.

Infrastructure -A Most Starbucks locations have 2 terminals.A In order to leverage 2d barcodes, particular imagers are required, and this means hardware investment.A 2 lanes means merely a $ 300- $ 400 investing per shop for imaging hardware.A Sing the possible value of minutess per shop, this is a really low cost.A A The ROI would be far less attractive for a lower border retail merchant with tonss of lanes in a shop to deploy, as it would be cardinal to hold the imagers in every lane to simplify the procedure for consumers.

Transaction TypeA – The slowest part of any retail dealing, and the most hard to pare clip from, is the tendering process.A Given that in Starbucks minutess by and large include a little basket size and the ordering clip is comparatively short, the value of an alternate payment is increased, as it isA a greater proportion of the transaction.A A This value is increased farther by the unbelievable traffic at Starbucks sites.A Having many little minutess provides a encouragement to the ROI of the solution.

No Mobile Device HandlingA – In order for any kind of nomadic payment solution to increase throughput and minimise operational complications, it is cardinal toA streamline the procedure of scanning the nomadic device.A Starbucks has done thisA via a client facing scanner with really simple signage.A This allows the consumer to put their phone in the scanning country with no demand to go through the nomadic device to a cashier.A This simplifies the procedure by supplying a consistent procedure, non merely increasing the scan velocity, but besides avoiding the potency of shop staff dropping or otherwise damaging a client ‘s nomadic device.A Consumers are besides more likely to utilize the nomadic payment solution if they do non hold to go through their nomadic phone to a teller, given how consumers progressively consider the nomadic device as a personal point.

As with all solutions implemented by consumer facing organisations, ROI is key.A Looking at the Starbucks solution, the costs of entry are likely non that high.A A nomadic app is comparatively cheap and standalone compared to other point of sale solution implementations.A Using the stored value card leverages electronic procedures and databases already in place.A The important portion is operationalizing the solution, and that can be put in topographic point for 100s or low 1000s per site.A All in all, this is a comparatively low cost solution with the potency for a high Return on invested capital in both financess, and in good will from consumers.A Other retail merchants looking to implement such a solution would make good to detect what Starbucks have done, but note good that this is non a one size fits all solution.A Any hereafter implementers should be certain that the app suits their client demographic, their dealing theoretical account, and has a manner of covering with the complexnesss of payment.A Other solutions will originate, and it will be intriguing to see what comes following.


4 ) .Starbucks besides runs a high graduated table of direction in managing their I.T related issues. They are I.T cognizant such that, they have good web services. An illustration would be, Starbucks offers free WIFI Zone. An attractive force for a client on the move. The house has VOIP services for communicating with other ironss around the Earth. As we live in a net centric age, starbucks has made it a perfect tantrum, to integrate most I.T concern related strategies into their concern.

A good analyses on this comoany, would nevertheless demo us that starbucks uses the I.T based things to builkd their client scope. It is nevertheless no secret that most rivals have based their illustrations on comoanys in the likes of Starbucks.

Some patterns in starbucks, include some price reduction gross revenues issued by the direction. A client nevertheless sees this as a expansive oppurtuinty to hold a 50 % ( Percent ) price reduction on whatever he buys and besides enjoys free cyberspace. This so is a wise pattern. The Mgt Informaion system has in many ways, made things easy for staffs. Most messages to staffs are communicated via the web. As bow mentioned, starbucks uses intranets and cyberspace ( Voip ) . This helps in send oning fleet messages to workers in the company.

This comoany besides makes wise usage of their MIS by running web based adverts and all. The steadfast keeps its clients continuesly cognizant of merchandises and new formulas that might be tried in a given clip. Therefore, their market base increases doubtless.

Marketing Analysis:



In my sentiment holding pratronised starbucks from clip to clip, I would propose the followers:

Starbucks should seek in buying a reasonably fast cyberspace with low traffic.

They should seek to keep their hardwares and seek ascents from clip to clip, to avoid being left out in the dark age of slow computer science.

They should use staffs that are more I.T learned to avoid diffulty in system operations.

They should encompass more of touch screen services. And what one mean is, purchasing appliances ( hardwares ) that provide self service for each client.

The MIS should continually see to it that clients are intrigued by the brilliant I.T based services that Starbucks provide therefore go forthing the clients spell bound to return and buy more points.

They could besides supply on screen advertizements for new coevals hardwares this in itself, could be an avenue for starbucks to acquire paid for advertisement for I.T houses in the metropoliss and wherever.

They could besides do a web based system, that would enable clients to order online to ease driving out of the office at tiffin.


At this occasion, i would wish to repeat that it is of huge importance that the MIS in starbucks embracings more heightened engineering hardwares to ease the work burden and the figure of staffs. We all in the universe are cognizant of the coevals of computing machines. This promises to be immense and phenomenal bend in every industry particularly industries like starbucks.

As we see Managements better their information systems, it would be an of import portion for starbucks to play in their MIS. With an improved and good balanced MIS, starbucks has what it takes to conflict up for the hereafter even rivals. Time is of the kernel for houses like starbucks this is because each twenty-four hours slips off and more ascents are made to databases.

To this terminal, I would bid starbucks, to maintain up the really good work and encompass a new epoch of improved direction systems. Therefore increasing their net income base and client base.

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